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About Brianna

Brianna Lizotte is a fiddler currently living in Edmonton Alberta. She grew up in a household where music was played, whether it was from home videos or kitchen parties. At the age of 10, most of the musicians in her family passed away, so she took it upon herself to keep the music alive. This has led her to many opportunities such as competing twice in the Canadian Grand Masters, music festivals across Alberta, and traveling to Rome to support the Metis delegates during their meetings with the Pope in 2022.


Apart from performing, Brianna can be found teaching fiddle lessons, Metis history through music and dance workshops, and in studios recording for documentaries, EPs, singles, etc. Recently graduatING from MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Music program, she looks forward to developing her voice within the Candian music scene



Brianna Lizotte Scrath Em Wall.jpg

Scratch 'Em (2018)

1. Cajun Fiddle 

2. Don Messer's Breakdown 

3. Devil's Dream/Mason's Apron 

4. Leela Won't Jig 

5. Maiden's Prayer 

6. Maple Sugar 

7. Ragtime Annie 

8. Big John McNeil 

9. Red River Jig 

10. Rubber Dolly 

11. Sid And Delphine's Waltz 

12. Big Bear

13. Till We Meet Again 

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