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About Brianna

Brianna Lizotte is a fiddle player from Sylvan Lake Alberta. She grew up in a household where music was played, whether it was from home videos or kitchen parties. At the age of 10, most of the musicians in her family passed away, so she took it upon herself to keep the music alive. This has led her to many amazing opportunities like playing on TSN for the Canada Winter Games grand opening in 2019 and traveling to Rome to support the Metis delegates during their meetings with the Pope. She recently graduated from MacEwan University's Bachelor of Music program and is looking forward to developing her voice within the Canadian music scene. 


Scratch 'Em

"Scratch 'em" has old tunes that my great uncles and great grandfathers played. I heard stories of their playing and how they all loved to entertain. When they all passed away and knowing the stories had come to and end, it gave me the motivation to keep the family fiddling tradition going. My love for the music has me playing as often as I can, in hopes to play for everyone who remembers them.
A huge thank you to Clinton Pelletier, Byron Myhre and my dad, Brian Lizotte. Thank you for being the amazing musicians that you are. Your cool style helped make this album sound amazing. There is much to learn, but "Scratch 'em" is a great checkpoint in my fiddling journey. Thank you for making my first experience in music making so much fun."

- Brianna Lizotte

Brianna Lizotte Scrath Em Wall.jpg
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